1. Keep our schools academically strong: Standardized test scores are just one measure of a school’s strengths. Children who love to learn, are immersed in a variety of challenging and creative learning experiences, and who are taught critical thinking skills will become lifelong learners and achieve good grades and test scores.

2. Help students develop into well-rounded, confident young adults: I will support a broad range of extracurricular activities including sports, debate, theater, STEM programs, robotics competitions, model U.N., clubs, and other opportunities.

3. Help select a new superintendent with superior academic credentials and a proven record of success who will promote strong academic values through staff selection, training, and role modeling. I will insist on transparency between the Board and the superintendent and with parents.

​4. Compare favorably with peer systems: When people are seeking a new home in Northeast Ohio, they have many quality private and public school options. Prospective residents should feel that the Orange Schools are a great fit for their kids. We need to tout our strengths:
--A public school system with a private school feel – small class sizes, a beautiful campus, top-notch teachers.

-- Opportunities to participate in a variety of competitive after-school sports and thriving arts programs. Due to Orange’s size, students are able to participate in a wide-range of activities to learn where their interests and strengths lie.

--The opportunity to develop friendships with students whose parents are from many different countries and of many different races, religions, and ethnicities.

-- Parents who are committed to K-12 education.

-- A community of outstanding educators who are committed to our children.